As a photographer for more than thirty years, Marcus Tate has a wide range of commercial experience specializing in studio and location advertising photography, still life, editorial, annual reports, sports photography, public relations, motion picture production stills and visual effects cinematography for the film and television industry.

During this time he worked on over twenty-five feature films as a Visual Effects Director of Photography and /or Effects Camera Operator, specializing in the lighting and shooting of full-scale and miniature sets, stage elements, location background plates and live-action talent for compositing into the visual effects sequences of feature films and commercial productions.

  • Extensive experience with:
  • - 35mm motion picture cameras
  • - VistaVision 8 perf Camera
  • - High-speed photography for scaling miniatures and effects
  • - Subtle lighting, color balance and perspective matching
  • - Front, rear and blue-screen projection
  • - Film production and the entertainment industry
  • - Still camera formats from 35mm to 8x10 view cameras
  • - Digital capture
  • - Lighting situations, from strobe, HMI, tungsten to available light

Film work